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Was a bit of a rush this morning as I almost overslept, that is the 2 hours that I did sleep. Packed up this morning and headed off around 5am … weird photo I know 🙂

I hate the ride the Folkestone and this morning it was cold and foggy … at times I could barely see a thing. Made it just in time for the train and in no time we were in Calais.

Much better than to UK, or so I thought, a few miles out of Calais, exactly the same. Cold …. and lots of fog.

Stopped off at a petrol station for something to drink and a bus load of people arrived and looks like it was the first time they have seen a bike before, everyone stared at me and smiled. One french guy was really concerned that my shocks will give in .. not sure why he was so obsessed about it .. 🙂

As soon as I left, the sky opened and was sunshine all day around 21 degrees, lovely day, just a shame I was so tired !

Headed mostly motorway which is damn expensive by the way and now sleeping in Strasbourg. I plan to leave tomorrow morning early, heading to Italy.

The battery on the laptop is running low, so I better make this post quick ….

Will do a better post when the laptop is charged … going to bed now !


2 weeks today, I will already be halfway through France heading for the Italian border.

Today, I have received my last spares, Clutch cable, front sprocket, oil filter, brake pads, rear shock upper bolt, etc that can be checked off my list. Thanks Motorworks

I have also went to the post office to get some cash (euros and dollars) as well as my International Driving Permit.

Tomorrow morning I am going for the Schengen visa (for France and Italy) and then all my visas are done.

Only 2 more weeks, can’t wait, need to sort out the last stuff, pack the panniers and what doesn’t go with me, needs to go to storage. Also need my final visit to the doctor for the last HepB vaccination, then I am all set and ready to go …

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3 weeks tomorrow, I will be somewhere in France already making my way towards Italy. Today I have been packing some of the last stuff I won’t need to go into storage. I hate packing .. it’s an awful job, but it’s slightly better than moving at least,  as I don’t have to go unpack it somewhere now.

This past weekend, I have fitted new tyres, MITAS off road tyres and new heavy duty tubes. I have to say, it was really scary riding on these off road tyres on tarmac for the first time. It almost feels like you are riding on marbles, but it is getting better and I am sure I will get used to it … Good thing I fitted them now I think, this way I can bed them in a little and also gives me some time  to adjust my riding style .. no more knee down round a bend – not like I did it before, but anyway 😉

We also have all our visas, except for me, I still need a schengen visa which I will get next week.

I’ve purchased an external 500GB compact Samsung HDD to make backups of photos/video while on the trip and to clean my SD cards to go back into my digital camera and GoPro video cameras.  I have also ordered my spares from Motorworks which will probably arrive this week, then I am done as far as buying goes .. I hope !

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Europe tripI have added a link to some photos of our Europe motorcycle trip in June this year. We left the UK on the 11th of June 2009, down to Folkstone and onto the Channel Tunnel to Calais.

The idea was to meet up with friends in Nice, France, but we ended up only staying for one night. The French motorway riding was not so much fun and very expensive, but we had to make up the miles.

We ended up in Nice 3 days later, the 14th of June and from there we returned via Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and back at home on the 18th of June.

It consisted mainly of camping, one night in a hotel in Calais, one night in Formula 1 hotel in Marseilles. We also camped at a petrol station somewhere in France for one night which was fun ..

It was my very first long distance motorcycle trip and it was awesome, hence the new found love for our ultimate, UK to Cape Town.

Here is the link to the photos ..