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…. with such helpful service from your local BMW Motorrad dealer? They are such a great help when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with a bike they call “unstoppable” …. Isn’t the GS range of motorcycles designed for these sort of conditions?

They are bloody useless … BMW London Battersea / Park Lane will never ever see me again. The bike is nice and luckily in the end it was a small problem I could fix myself, but when asking my local dealer for some advice or help with the recent problems I had on this trip … this is the reply I get:

Good Morning Mr Els

Thank you for your email, Dean is unavailable this week so I have replied in his absence.

Your machine records show the fuel pump electronics were replaced under your machines warranty.

You could encounter many problems on a trip such as yours, unfortunately none of the team at Battersea have direct experience of using a machine in these conditions.

Kind regards

Paul Wheatley
BMW Battersea Motorrad.

Wow … thanks, that is great service and support !! šŸ˜¦


I recently went to South Africa for a holiday (photos here) where I rented a R1200GS for 2 weeks to travel around with. I have to say, the bike was very disappointing (for me at least).

It felt heavy, lazy and full of rattles and shakes. The most annoying thing was the centre console bouncing all over the place. At some stage my dad was driving in front of me in a car and he told me all he saw was a bouncing light. I then discovered this annoying centre console is attached to the headlight unit. I can’t believe people moan about the little “wobble” you get on the F800GS brake fluid reservoir compared to this R1200GS.

I did eventually drop the bike, came down quite hard over to the left and had to pay the rental company around R13000 (+/- Ā£1000) in damages.

So, for me at least, the 1200GS is not the bike for me and probably never will be. The 800GS is so much better for me and much more fun !

Picking up the bike on arrival in South Africa:

Setting off from my brothers house on my 2 week holiday:

Riding down to the lake on my Uncles farm:

F800GS Piston replacement

Posted: February 25, 2010 in General
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The video above is the sound which my BMW F800GS engine started making. It started out “not asĀ noticeable” but as time went by it became worse and worse. I had the bike at 2 BMW dealers (Vines Guildford and SBW) who told me it sounds normal. The problem was, that when the engine gets warm, the sound subsided, so by the time I got to the dealers I was given the “sounds normal” speech.

I ended up taking my motorcycle to my local dealer, BMW Battersea London, which would you believe it or not, were the most helpful. I have asked them to keep the bike overnight and listen to it the next morning when the engine is cold. I received a call the following day to tell me it doesn’t sound good, but they are not sure what is causing it.

They have consulted BMW Technical in Germany who asked them to strip the whole engine and find the fault. So they did and found worn pistons and bearings. They did a complete engine rebuilt, new pistons and parts all free of charge to me at least. I also recently went back for my “600 mile run in check” again which was done completely free of charge. I have to say a thank you to Veronika, Joe and the team at Battersea for all the help, they have really been very helpful !

All sorted now and the bike feels good !

In preperation to prepare for the tripĀ  … šŸ™‚

I have ordered the “BMW F800GSĀ Instructional DVD” from GlobeRiders …

I hope this will give some great tips on how to prepare and fix the bike througout our adventure. I am expecting to receive the DVD this week … will get some pizza for a great night in !