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3 weeks today, I will be in Strasbourg, France on my way to Italy to embark on our London to Cape Town adventure.

Most of the stuff is now in storage, we moved everything yesterday, so now with an emptier, but messy room, I started sorting out my panniers for the trip.

Packing panniers is kinda fun, I am now starting to get a better idea how it all will fit although I do not have everything yet … things still on my list is my spares from Motorworks, but it should all be small stuff.

I also need to go buy some food, stuff like instant mash potato, noodles, cereal bars, etc .. but I guess they can all be scattered around the panniers.

Lindsay and Delilah is already leaving tomorrow spending 3 weeks in Europe after which I will join them somewhere near Milan, Italy on the 23rd of September.

All this stuff is making me excited, I just want to go now …. can’t wait, this is going to be a long 3 weeks !


BMW PanniersSo I took the plunge and ordered the BMW panniers. I have ordered them from SBW Motorrad based in Hertford, UK. Unfortuntely they were full on Saturday, so couldn’t fit it for me, but Richard at SBW said I can use their yard and tools to fit it myself, thus saving me the fitting costs. Very kind of him, I think !

My experience with the other BMW Dealerships seems like they don’ t really care if they have your business or not, which is a shame and I will probably not go back to them again.  I also had my bike serviced by SBW last Saturday and they gave me a R1200GS for the day, friendly and helpful, bit of a ride out for me every time, but SBW it is for me then.

I am also re-doing my seat this Saturday morning, going to VikingVinyl in Kent, hoping it will be much more comfortable afterwards.

Other things I need to get now, is the centre stand and bash plate, but I can get that with next months pay cheque 🙂

Keep you posted on the panniers and what I think of them …