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I went to Victoria Falls yesterday, but the security guard told me it was dry. I went to the information desk and they told me the same, still $20 to get in though. I didn’t really want to pay $20 to just watch a bunch of rocks, but I am sure it still would have been amazing ! I will just have to go back again one day ..

While I was there, the Zimbabwe border was just meters away and thinking about it, there is not much to see on the route through Botswana. Also, to get to Botswana it is about 60km from Livingstone and then you still have to wait for a ferry to cross the Zambesi river.

So yesterday morning I made the decision to go through Zimbabwe instead of Botswana. I have never been in Zimbabwe and with the recent political problems in Zimbabwe, which I was told is not a problem anymore, I was interested to see what it is like.

Zimbabwe border was easy, I think I had to pay $10 “road access” and $6 “carbon emission tax”. Everything stamped, gate pass on hand I headed for the gate and they let me into Zimbabwe. I made a quick stop in the town called Victoria Falls to get some cash … the ATMs here in Zimbabwe now dispense US dollars as everything is priced and paid for in US dollars. They do not have US cents or coins, so they would instead give you dollar notes and South African rand in coins as change when you purchase something.

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Garda Lodge, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

I headed straight for Bulawayo and to a guest house/lodge I quickly found on the internet yesterday morning. The name of the lodge is Garda Lodge, run by an Italian couple that have been in Africa for the past 20 years, but only in Zimbabwe for the last year. Very nice place and conveniently for me, about 6km out of the city. I like places outside the main city centers, because when I leave in the morning I hate sitting in traffic .. I am staying the night and then head off again in the morning.

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So far Zimbabwe is very nice, friendly people and also beautiful …