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SAM 0119


We are now on the Visemar ferry, four days at sea, arriving at Alexandria, Egypt on Monday afternoon. Very kindly the crew on the ferry organized us a UK to Europe mains converter so that we can charge our laptops 🙂

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SAM 0121


I have done quite a bit of riding the last 3 days, first day to Strasbourg and yesterday to Bergamo in Italy (where I stayed in quite a snazzy hotel). The ride yesterday was great, mixed motorway and non motorway, obviously non motorway riding providing the best scenery. I went through all this small little villages in Switzerland which was very beautiful.

As I say, I stayed in Bergamo last night, had a few beers as some of you who are following me on twitter would have noticed and then this morning I almost overslept again, but made it in time with just 200km of straight motorway riding to Venice.

SAM 0122


I met up with Lindsay and Delilah ( at the Visemar ferry port this morning, so now we are re-united for the trip down to Cape Town.

We also met a few other travellers, some on bikes, some with trucks and some with land cruisers, from German, Italian, British to some South Africans. There are also loads of rally cars and bikes onboard as well as some helicopters, assuming to film the rally in Egypt.

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The check-in process was quite painless, but quite a wait, but in no time we were on the ship, only 50 or so passengers on the whole ferry … I also managed to organize my own 3 berth cabin 😉

Food on the ferry is quite expensive as you can imagine, a beer is 5 euro and food for the 4 days are about 89 euro, but what can you do. The internet on the ferry is 7 euro per hour .. which is also expensive, but I reckon is not too bad for internet on the ocean. There is also mobile phone coverage, not sure how that works.

Next stop is Egypt … I hope I can keep this blog up to date, subject to internet availability, but I am planning to keep you all updated via twitter

Laters !