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Well, my bike has been fixed ! The top-end noise is still there, but the stalling issue has been fixed. New fuel pump assembly and new idle actuator.

They have tried to look for the noise, but they can’t find anything, no wear, no sign of damage and funnily enough, I believe them. I do believe they have tried there best to find the source of this “noise” .. I guess it’s just the nature of the beast as they say !

This whole trip is becoming more and more of a reality, we have most of the stuff we need now, all the vaccinations, malaria tablets, some of the visas and time off at work, for me at least. I am leaving UK soil on the 21st of September, meeting Lindsay and Delilah on the 23rd of September in Venice, Italy . We will arrive in Egypt on the 27th of September already .. so please follow me on twitter for updates while we are on the road.

I would also like you to have a look at the following video. We are trying and raise some awareness, support and hopefully some donations for the Tembaletu Project run by our Church, Hillsong in Cape Town. If you are in the States or in South Africa, please take some some to donate anything you can by clicking here

If you are in the UK, I think we are trying to find a way for you to donate easily and will keep you updated … so please take a quick look at the following video and lets support them as much as we can … Thanks !

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Charities ..

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Charities
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I have added some information about the charities I plan to raise funds for before, during and after our trip ..

More info on the Charities page ..