KTM 690 Rally Raid Project

Posted: September 4, 2012 in General
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Since I enjoyed my KTM 690 Oryx I purchased in South Africa that much, I decided to sell the beloved F800GS and buy a KTM 690 Enduro R in the UK as well … and of course, had to give it the Rally Raid treatment. Ordered all my stuff from Rally Raid Products which arrived literally next day in time for the bike build over the weekend.

The bike was stock standard, except for an Akrapovic can already fitted. I got up early in the morning to get started…

First, I took it apart, starting with the front mudguard, headlight, airbox, seat, etc ..

Fitted the new white front mudguard (available separately), front frame support …

Then followed by the tanks (I opted for the clear tanks as it’s obviously much easier to check fuel level if needed)

I then fitted the new rear white fender (also available separately) …

Headlight and mask (from a 990 Adventure)…

You have to relocate the speedo a bit higher to fit into the new 990 Adv dash as supplied. All cables are long enough if you loosen some of the cable ties

Then the side fender panels which you have to drill your own holes to align with the brackets installed on the front of the tanks …

Then the front fairing around the headlight ..

The most trickiest part for me, was the fuel pump adaptor, just because you have to remove your existing fuel pump from your tank, which means, you have to drain all the fuel first. It was a bit of a mess, I reckon more fuel ended up on my garage floor than anywhere else 🙂 Once drained, you remove the plastic outer from the fuel pump, drill a 10mm hole to align up with the fuel adapter and install again with the rubber o-ring provided. You can then run your fuel lines from the front tanks to the fuel adaptor ..

By then … almost complete, just to make sure everything is tight, aligned and to put everything else together … not to mention all the graphics…

I then spent some more time until the early hours of the morning with all the graphics … but by the next morning it was complete, a very different bike from the night before 🙂

Great bike, combined with the longer fuel range and wind protection from the fairing !

All in all, very easy to fit with clear instructions. Great engineering and design work from the guys at Rally Raid Products … since I have done this, they have or are about to release a new fairing tank combination to be more like the 450 Rally bikes you see competing in the Dakar … although, I still prefer this design and look.

  1. Stif says:

    Have you sold your F800GS already? For how much would you sell it? I might have a friend who’s interested. Or do you sell some of your extra touratech parts seprately?

  2. Tosko says:

    @nikovg2:hi, Andre.I’m going World tour Do you know if the lights are included with the Rally Rayd 2 evo?is it reliable for this type of travel?
    Sorry, I have try to connect with you by twiter, but I can’t. I’m new in this kind of thinks. And sorry for my poor english.

    • m0ng00se says:

      hi, the EVO2 kit comes with the twin headlight. Since I have put it in, it has blown my fuse twice when switching on brights. I think there might be something wrong inside the actual headlight unit, but I will open it up sometime to check. Good luck with your tour, sounds amazing.

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