White Water River rafting …. Jinja, Uganda

Posted: November 4, 2010 in africa overland, Uganda
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After we left Camp Carnelleys we wanted to camp on Lake Victoria .. but we decided to head straight for the Ugandan border. We arrived quite late in the afternoon at Malaba, the border between Kenya/Uganda.

After all the formatilities at the border (-$40 later for third party insurance as well) it was quite dark and it decided to piss down … massive thunder storm. We stayed at the border for a while, just attracting more attention. I wonder why all the dodgy people always hang around borders ??

As soon as the rain stopped, we headed for a town called Tororo, about 7km from the border and stayed a night at the Rock Classic Hotel … not too bad, nothing works properly, but at least the rooms had aircon and I watched some DSTV (South African Satellite TV) … While watching Australia the movie, I fell asleep and it was soon the next morning.

SAM 0733 992x558

SAM 0728 992x558

SAM 0729 992x558

Views of the Nile from the Bar/Restaurant

We packed up and headed for Jinja, Uganda. We arrived at the camp site called Adrift. It is really nice and at $5 camping per night we decided to stay for some river rafting the next day. The bar area is really cool with views of he Nile. We pitched out tents, had some beers, food and just relaxed.

The next morning we signed up for a $125 full day river rafting …. seems like a lot of money, but I think it was well worth it. We spend all day on the Nile, going from anything between grade 1 to I think some grade 5 rapids. Halfway they provided a nice lunch and at the end of the day some nice kebabs and some beers after which they drove us on a 40 minute truck ride back to camp.

IMG 2424 842x562

IMG 2531 971x647

IMG 2571 975x651

Holding on for dear life … was fun though !

I was completely knackered and soon passed out on the nice couches in the bar area. I am also now known as Batman at Adrift … as my bar tab is in the name of Batman, Lindsay is Superman 🙂

This morning, Lindsay and Delilah left for Kesese, Uganda, about 500km from here where they will visit their CompassionUK sponsor children. Since I didn’t have to go, I decided to stay at Adrift, I should meet up with them at a later stage … maybe just before the Rwandan border.

Andrey (the russian) also left today to get his new camera in Kampala after which he will go back to Nairobi as Chris at Jungle Junction messed something up on his bike which he is not too pleased about, so I doubt it we will ever see Andrey on the trip again … Bon Voyage my friend … hope to visit in Moscow one day !

SAM 0747 992x558

My view while typing this blog … sunset over the Nile

I am now on my own, sitting in the bar overlooking the Nile at sunset… I think I will be heading to Kabele, just north of the Rwanda border tomorrow morning early first thing … it’s about 430km and I found quite a decent camp site there on Lake Bunyonyi.

Only Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Botswana left for me … then I should be in South Africa, hopefully around the first week of December ….

  1. Mariane Gonzalez says:

    Hihi Andre, I have been carefully following your trip as my son Neil is a few countries behind you (but looks like doing a similar route.) I think you may have met back in Egypt somewhere as I have your link through him or one of his other fellow travelers. (He is also with 2 kiwi guys & Ed from England too). I love the information you pack into your blog – keep it coming. Good luck, safe riding & keep well

    • m0ng00se says:

      Hi Mariane .. yes, I know Neil well. We were together on the 4 day trip from Italy to Egypt on the ferry and the first few hundred kilometers to Cairo. We had to part ways in Cairo as they had to sort out some visas 🙂 … Thanks for reading, in Tanzania now with limited internet, but hope to update the blog soon !!!

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