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Posted: October 10, 2010 in africa overland, f800gs, Sudan
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We finally got our vehicles back around mid afternoon in Thursday, we packed all our stuff and hit the road … we couldn’t wait to leave Wadi Halfa.

It was quite late by the time we left Wadi Halfa, which only gave us about an hours ride, we pulled off next to the road just before sunset, rode into the desert away from everyone and set up camp for the night. Aisha made us a very nice cup of coffee … don’t think I had a cup of coffee since Egypt. Was so nice to camp in the middle of nowhere, the sky was beautiful, milkyway on display, something you do not see in London. Think this was our first real “adventure” camping since we started the trip

SAM 0449 992x558

SAM 0447 992x558

Camping in the middle of nowhere …

Next morning, we packed up and headed towards Karima. Again, like Egypt … desert desert, heat, heat, warm water …. I wanna get out of here now and get to the greener part of Africa.

SAM 0452 992x558

Desert, sand .. sand … sand … and it’s hot ..

We arrived in Karima where I had my first fall .. not sure if it was just tiredness or what? There was quite a big hump in the road, I went over a little to fast and the same time trying to warn the guys behind me … and the bike just went … not sure why and what happened, bike and I ok though .. nothing major.

We headed for a hotel at Karima which was a little pricey, so we tried another one which was a little crappy, so we decided to just do another rough camp somewhere out of the city. We rode for a while until we couldn’t see any lights anymore, veered off the road and camped.

During the day, Pete and Aisha bought some lamb .. and the girls, together with Pete made us a beautiful “potjie” … awesome

SAM 0456 992x558

SAM 0459 992x558

Little pyramids, just outside Karima

Now, we have not had a proper shower since Aswan almost a week ago … so we needed one desperately. Next morning (Saturday) morning, we got up early, packed up and headed to Khartoum.

Also, to make a long story short, I am suffering from a weird stalling, jerky issue, getting progressively worse since Egypt … not sure if it’s petrol or fuel pump … maybe something else, but it sometimes get so bad I pull in the clutch and then sometimes the engine dies completely. I still have no clue what’s going on … I do hope I make it to Cape Town, will be pretty pissed off if I don’t !

Anyway, with my problem and all, I do not want to stop as my engine might not start again, so I just went all the way, just over 300km to Khartoum, only stopping if I have to for loo or petrol breaks. The other guys stopped a few times, so I completely lost them and was way ahead.

I arrived on my own in Khartoum .. maybe the wrong side … horrible, busy and dirty place, but headed straight for the Blue Nile Sailing Club as agreed with the others to meet up. They arrived only about an hour later. By this time it was raining in Khartoum, windy and late … not wanting to camp and mostly due to the fact that we desperately need a proper shower, we all booked into a hotel for two nights.

Earlier this evening we went for a very nice Buffet dinner at a different hotel down the road actually for around 70 Sudanese pounds including two drinks. Going to pack up now, get some sleep for an early start tomorrow towards the Ethiopian border … yes, get me out of this desert and sand 🙂

SAM 0462 992x558

Khartoum tonight after dinner ..

SAM 0466 992x558

  1. Bernd says:


    Anything someone could do to help and get in touch with BMW to identify the root cause of these cut offs by the engine ?


    • m0ng00se says:

      Thanks Bernd .. will let you know if I need help. BMW Battersea London is no good and of no help whatsoever, but I think I have found the problem. I think the side stand switch was the problem. Disconnected completely this morning and rode 180km no problems … Thanks for the help.

  2. Hi Andre,

    here are Thomas and Dagmar from he Alex ferry. We arrived to Aswan yesterday and had a good trip so far.

    Now Mr Salah wants to charge us 5000 EP just for our truck! Plus 650EP for 2 tickets to the passenger ferry! This is ridicolous, I think. Mr Salah tells us that the regular rate for e.g. a LandRover is 3000 EP. Could you pls ask Peter what we paid for the LandRover?

    You wrote you paid 500 EP for you 1st class cabin? Mr Salah told us there are no 1st clase cabins anymore, just pullman seats… Can you confirm this?

    We hope you have safely arrived in Ethiopia by now, and that the problems with your bike have disappeared. If not, could it be that the sputtering has something to do with your fall in the sand?

    Pls respond to

    WARM regards

    Thomas and Dagmar

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