another day in Wadi Halfa, Sudan …

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Sudan
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This is just craziness. We were told that we will get our bikes today and be on our way … 5pm became 6pm and then became nothing .. not a word. We contacted fellow Swedish travellers whos vehicle is also on the ferry and they told us we won’t get the vehicles today as they have not finished unpacking the barge, what a load of …….

Now we been told tomorrow, maybe midday … unbelievable, we are stuck in a small town with nothing, nothing to see, waisting time. It is so boring, we do not know what do to with ourselves anymore.

SAM 0441 992x558

SAM 0442 992x558

Wadi Halfa

The town consist of at least a very tiny, hot, but kinda fast internet cafe … was quite surprised, it is 3 sudanese pounds per hour. I plan to go there tomorrow again to upload this post. There are also a few shops for cold water and cold drinks, but our lunch and dinners mostly consists of breads (almost like pita), chicken or fish. We buy so many water (I have never drank so many water in my life before) that we can use the bottles, cut them in half and use them as cups.

SAM 0443 992x558

Our dinner, can tuna and bread ….

The people here are either very friendly or stare at you .. mostly friendly though and understand english. No one begs, the waiter at one dusty restaurant did not even want to take our tip we left him, so overall this place is better than egypt.

Shower in this place pretty much consists of bucket showering as there is barely any running water and you have to shower in the squatting toilets. The rooms are warm with ceiling fans, but that just mostly circulates the hot air.

Petrol seems to be another problem, we heard that there is only 80 octane, so not sure if my bike will be too happy with that if it was “spluttering” in egypt on 90 octane already …. Lindsay do have some octane booster left and so do I … but not much !

Other than that, we are all still healthy and doing well … would just be good to get on the road again ….

  1. Hello, Andre!
    Nice trip! Sorry about the delay of the bike… Hope it won’t take too long.
    We’re doing a world trip with a Land. Now we’re at Jordan making some research about Sudan, because the political situation and the january referendum.
    Did you heard about anything there?…
    Thank you and good luck!!
    Fernando and Danusa.

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