Tickets to Sudan is booked.

Posted: October 2, 2010 in africa overland, Egypt, General
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We had to be in Aswan this morning at 9:30am to book our tickets for the ferry to Sudan. We ran a little late, so I was concerned we won’t make it … that means another week in Egypt.

We headed off, along the Nile route from Luxor to Aswan. I have to say, I am now glad we did the Desert route in the end, this Nile is route is horrible …. stop start, police checkpoint, taxis …. so, so busy. It may be hot, but at least you move at a constant pace on the desert road.

We arrived in Aswan, heading straight to the Ferry company office to see Mr Salah to book our tickets. As we got there, he was expecting us (send him an email a few weeks ago) … and he told us we had to go to the Traffic Court to get some papers to prove that we have not been in any accidents while in Egypt. He gave is the GPS coordinates and off we went.

Guess what .. as we arrived …. they landy was there .. Pete, Matt and Aisha .. again a wonderful sight. We immediately exchanged contact details so we can stay in contact.

SAM 0310 992x558

Re-united again at the Traffic Court

It took a good few ours … ok, probably only 2 and we had our papers. They tried to charge us 50 egyptian pounds each even though we didn’t have to pay anything … they do try their luck, we insisted that we will not pay … but in the end we said we will give 5 each and that’s it .. after lots of hassles, they finally let us go. We went back to the ferry company and paid for our tickets !

While booking our ferry, we asked Mr Salah from the ferry company for a nice camp site with a pool as we now had to stay 2 nights until our ferry on Monday, so he recommended Sara Hotel .. apparently you can camp their as well.

We arrived at the hotel and the staff was very friendly. They gave us a room with 5 beds and aircon for around 10 GBP each per night …. very nice and relaxing place, in fact, I am busy typing this blog next to the pool overlooking the Nile. They gave us free WiFi as well ! I highly recommend this hotel.

SAM 0323 992x558

Swimming pool at Sara Hotel

We settled in, after a swim of course … and then went out to town for something to eat …. great city as well .. not as touristy as Luxor, but still great things to do and see.

SAM 0314 992x558


SAM 0315 992x558


SAM 0318 992x558

Some photos of Aswan at night.

Tomorrow, we just chil at the hotel, swimming, drinking Stella and relaxing …. looking forward to it.

  1. ook bietjie geslaap in die engelse klas nes andon!! heh heh

    • m0ng00se says:

      hehe … ja nee 🙂 Dis jammerte ek het Andon gemis hier in Addis, 16de ge-arriveer en Andon het vroeg oggend 17de vertrek … net net gemis.

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