…and off the Luxor we go.

Posted: October 1, 2010 in africa overland, Egypt, General
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Woke up today, feeling a little rough … my stomach is not all with it, maybe the water we get next to the road at police checkpoints …. no bottled water and no other civilazation on these desert roads.

We packed up and headed for Luxor. As we got to the first police checkpoint around 10km away from Paris, the police told us there is nothing, absolutely nothing, no “benzine” (petrol) no water, nothing for around 300km … they warned us a few times to make sure we understand.

Pete, Matt and Aisha in the landy had enough diesel onboard, but we had to get some fuel, only had about 80km left and with this firm warning, we had to find petrol somewhere else. We told Pete they can carry on, we will catch up. We went back the 10km to Paris, but nothing .. only diesel … they eventually took us to a little house, where they presented us with two 5L cans of benzine .. the problem was, it was only 80 octane. Even if it was anything higher, 10L won’t get us very far on 3 bikes.

This meant, we had to backtrack back to Kargha, about 90km away for the nearest pertrol station. I honestly though, that’s it, we are stuck in the desert. We slowly made our way to Kargha, trying to conserve fuel as much we can. I literly made it on fumes, I swear … was a close call.

All fueled up, we decided to pay that hotel a visit again for a beer and fresh water and ice cubes in an attempt to keep the water in our camelbaks cold as long as possible.

SAM 0300 992x558

Another hot day on this road … 42.5c

SAM 0301 992x558

Nothing for 300km

We had to go back the 90km to the checkpoint for the road to Luxor, meaning a 180km detour just to get petrol. By this time, surely we will never catch up with Pete and the landy … and yes, we never did. Again, we were so stupid to not exchange contact details … dumb I know. Damn, he has my tyre with him .. hopefully we find them again ….. I do hope so !

We then hit that 300km pure desert road to Luxor … damn hot and I had the “shits” … not farting with confidence 🙂 Another long day. 100km before Luxor, my bike started “spluttering”, loosing power all the time … this went on for kilometres. My first tought, that’s it, the bike had it .. I will get it to Luxor somehow, ship it home and carry on with the guys in the landy. I stopped eventually, threw in some octane booster .. started up and it was fine again …. must be the fuel then, 90 octane was the best we can find in the desert. Also had my first “toilet” experience today … hot sand in the ass crack was not a nice feeling 🙂

The GPS said that there is a KFC in Luxor, so yes, that was my next destination. Arrived in Luxor and staight to KFC, Mega Zinger meal for me with 2 pepsis with lots of ice, thank you very much !

SAM 0302 992x558

KFC in Luxor

We went looking for a campsite and eventually found, Rezeiky camp in the middle of Luxor. Very nice, secluded behind massive gates, lies aircon rooms with a pool .. and yes, they sold Stella beer for only 16 egyptian pounds …. oasis !

Here we met 2 belgian overlanders, father and son (http://www.beyondthehorizon.be). They told us, that they were stopped by Pete and the guys, to find out if they saw us …. they said, yes, heading the wrong way, so they probably spotted us headed back to Kargha for petrol. We, together with the belgians, heading into Luxor to explore the city a little .. nice city, FULL of tourists.

SAM 0305 992x558

Luxor at night

SAM 0307 992x558

Tomorrow early again, have to be in Aswan for 9:30am to book our ferry tickets for Monday. I hope we find Pate, Matt and Aisha there !!!

  1. Hi guys,

    here are Thomas & Dagmar from the Alex ferry.

    We just read the Eygpt part of your travel blog and we must say it is just amazing how much adventure you managed to pack into your first week of the trip 🙂

    We hope you have a safe trip with the ferry to Wadi Halfa, aboard the ferry should be a few days for you to relax a little bit. Also we send our best wishes to Delialah and we hope her ankle it feeling better by now

    Take care, and try to conserve some energy for the remaining weeks and months until Cape Town.

    Warm regards from the Internet Cafe in Bawiti!

    Tom & Dag

    • m0ng00se says:

      Hi Guys,

      The ferry trip to Wadi Halfa was horrible …. I hated it 🙂 My room/cabin got hijacked and before I knew it, there were 6 sudanese men inside. Toilets are disgusting, full of people everywhere … never again ! If you can .. and if possible, try to hide in the truck and travel with the barge inside your truck. It will be much much better than the actual passenger ferry. One guy onboard said you can do it …. so try, you never know.

      Also, it has been almost 3 days now in Wadi Halfa … they can’t offload our bikes before they unload the barge …. and nothing is happening, so we are stuck ! Hope to get the bikes today !

      Best of luck …

  2. paul says:

    hi am in meru town in kenya,at around 5pm i saw a landrover at nakumatt,plz let me know more about the trip.was this the father ad son

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