London to Cape Town : 2 weeks today ..

Posted: September 7, 2010 in africa overland, Bike Prep, General, UK
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2 weeks today, I will already be halfway through France heading for the Italian border.

Today, I have received my last spares, Clutch cable, front sprocket, oil filter, brake pads, rear shock upper bolt, etc that can be checked off my list. Thanks Motorworks

I have also went to the post office to get some cash (euros and dollars) as well as my International Driving Permit.

Tomorrow morning I am going for the Schengen visa (for France and Italy) and then all my visas are done.

Only 2 more weeks, can’t wait, need to sort out the last stuff, pack the panniers and what doesn’t go with me, needs to go to storage. Also need my final visit to the doctor for the last HepB vaccination, then I am all set and ready to go …

Follow me on twitter, this will be the main means of updates during the trip and this blog will be updated whenever we get near to some form of internet access.


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