Visemar Line Ferry from Italy to Egypt

Posted: August 26, 2010 in africa overland, General, Route
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This post is more a mental note to self …. apparently it is very difficult to find the actual Visemar Line ferry in the mass of docks around Venice, so knowing it has to dock there on a Thursday (it departs Venice every Thursday), I went to the following site which tracks its real-time position and now I know where it docks which should be easy to find now, wallah !

Also made some slight changes to the website, above right corner, you can now see the Twitter and Youtube icons, to follow me if you wish – laters !

  1. Adam says:

    How do you find the ferry on that map – I can’t see it, or a route marked from Alexandria!?

    • m0ng00se says:

      Hi Adam,

      I checked where it docked on a Thursday via their online vessel tracker, so this map shows where it docked with the GPS coordinates. The service has only been running since May 2010, so apparently it is not sign posted or easy to find … hence for this post 🙂

  2. adgroves says:

    Thanks – I had a look for the vessel but couldn’t find one called – Visemar One – or does it have a different name?

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