32 days until departure ..

Posted: August 19, 2010 in General, UK
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Only around 32 days before I depart for our London to Cape Town adventure. Some new stuff arrived in the office today, a new BMW F800GS clutch, CamelBak Thermal tubing and some SKF wheel bearings…

Not sure if we should replace the clutch before we go or take it along as a spare ? Some people say replace before you go, some say replace only when it actually goes … in other words, take it along as spares. It is not actually that heavy, just 9 steel plates and 9 friction plates with some springs, so might tag it along … our existing clutches might just make it all the way, you never know …

CamelBak Thermal tubing just helps the water in the tube to not heat up so much in the sun, saves you taking a sip from that awful hot water …. never tested, don’t know how well it works.

.. and finally some wheel bearings just in case … will be spares as well, only 4 bearings between 3 bikes. I am sure not all our bearings will fail at the same time, so we can mix and match.

Still waiting for new tubes, tyre levers, pac-safe and a few other bits … loads more to buy, waiting till next week (pay day) 🙂

  1. Jonathan Fox says:

    Si Johnston’s clutch went in Siberia and his bike is a similar vintage to ours. Personally I would take it as a spare. You have a working clutch now. If you use the spare what do you do when that goes? Assuming it goes.

    • m0ng00se says:

      Exactly, good thinking … taking it as a spare, the clutch might even make it all the way 🙂 Hope things are going well …

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