London to Cape Town :: 5 Weeks to go …

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Bike Prep, General, UK
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Only 5 weeks before I set off on our London to Cape Town motorcycle expedition, lots of little things to buy and they all add up. One of these “things” was a Scala Rider G4 helmet headset. With this, I can listen to my MP3’s via bluetooth (from iPhone) and make phone calls which is great, no more wires, earphones etc …

The other great thing about this and most probably the sole reason why I bought this, was to communicate with the other riders, Lindsay and Delilah going down with me to Cape Town. This is also done via bluetooth and we can communicate up to a mile, I think in ideal conditions.  We have tested it last night and it’s awesome ! This enables us to have a 3 way full duplex conversation to warn each other of potholes and just to annoy each other really ! 🙂

Very happy with it .. and it is a good purchase, get yourself one !

We also attended the Adventure Maintenance Course over the weekend in Wales hosted by BMW Off Road Skills. Although this was very interesting, one thing we found out … is that we probably need a new clutch on our F800GS motorcycles before we set off on this trip. Mine already has around 20000 miles on the clock with the original clutch and it was strongly recommended we change these. More money …. never ends hey ? 🙂 We plan to change the clutch ourselves within the next 2 weeks. Probably better now than with a burnt out clutch in the middle of Africa !

5 weeks and I’m off, almost can’t believe it …. leaving on the 21st of September 2010, follow me on twitter for the latest updates from the road ..


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