London to Cape Town = lots of money …

Posted: August 11, 2010 in General, UK
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.. ok, maybe I do not need all the stuff, but they are all nice to have.

Some stuff that are essential, like the new tyres that just arrived in the office yesterday. We decided to go for MITAS E10 Enduro tyre on the rear and a T-644 Army Special on the front. These are the same tyres they now use at the BMW Off Road School in Wales and are sold by TrelleSport, check them out.

I have also purchased a Aquapure Traveller for the trip. It seems to work, got some nice reviews, so this should enable me to drink from the water from almost everywhere. I think it will come in handy, especially when my CamelBak runs dry. Obviously I have not used any of these stuff, so be sure to check back on my blog for future updates from the road for full reviews 🙂

The other thing I purchased yesterday, is the Scala Rider G4 Bluetooth Headset. Lindsay and Delilah already have these fitted, so this will enable us to have a chat while on the bikes in conference mode. Should be good, they reckon it has a 1 mile range, 1.6-ish km … quite impressive. It also has built in FM radio and can play songs from your iPhone via Bluetooth, pair with your GPS, etc …

There are so many other things I still need to buy .. hopefully all small things from now on, but then again, all these small things ad up, I think I might have under estimated the budget for this trip 🙂

Anyway, below another video of us riding around some byways in Surrey over the past weekend .. check it out, also check out my youtube channel and follow me on twitter for the latest updates … will be updating twitter while on the road .. not too long to go now, little less than 6 weeks before I depart !


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