Blogging while on the road …

Posted: August 5, 2010 in General

I have always wondered how people keep their blogs up to date while travelling in remote areas. I am sure we will be travelling in remote areas of Africa on our trip, so I have been doing a little research.

I found an excellent piece of software, which I am using as I type, yes, it is an offline blogger called, BlogDesk.

asus eee pc 904I have bought myself a very small (actually finding it hard to type on this small keyboard at the moment) laptop, called a EEE PC from Asus. Excellent small little laptop, takes very little space and it is Solid State as well …. that means, no moving parts, so vibration and impacts can’t damage any hard drives.

Storage is only 16GB, but I have bought 5 x 16GB SD Cards to take a long on this trip for videos and extra storage. I might actually just buy some more …

Anyway, so I am now typing away on this software, you can save all your posts and the best thing of all .. you can back date your posts as well. So each night or every other night I can sit next to the open fire under African skies and update the days events on my offline blogger, adding photos, media, etc …

When we then arrive in a city, say 5 days later where there is internet connectivity, I can just wack all my posts onto the blog with the correct dates … that is brilliant, I love it. Actually, it is now 00:16 on the 6th of August, but I am going to backdate this post to 5 August.

Another problem solved … I am leaving on the 21st of next month on my London to Cape Town motorcycle adventure, so please check this blog or better yet, follow me on twitter for the latest updates on the road …


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