Update: London to Cape Town by Motorcycle

Posted: July 14, 2010 in General, Travels

Just booked my place on the  Channel Tunnel  from UK to France, departing Tuesday 21 September at 6:50am, arriving in Calais, 8:25am.

I will probably grab a bit to eat, then head straight towards the Mont Blanc tunnel for Italy. Not sure where I will sleep yet, probably some cheap Formula 1, Etap hotel somewhere.  Our ferry from Venice, Italy to Egypt has also been booked and that departs 16:00 on the 23rd of September arriving in Alexandria on the 27th of September. So there you have it, 6 days from leaving London and UK soil, I will be in Egypt ! Cool hey ?

We have also paid our Carnet de Passage fees today to the RAC, a lot of money !

My motorcycle is still with BMW Battersea, they originally told me the engine dying and stalling issues were battery related, but after some diagnostics, they found some problems with the idle actuator and fuel pump electronics, so will get that fixed. They have also changed my chain and sprockets under a recall, fixing my rocker cover leak under warranty. They will also listen to my diesel tractor engine noises … which I think could be valves, tappets or cam chain .. horrendous noise when the engine is hot, hopefully they can sort that as well. I hope to get my motorcycle back today.

Things still outstanding, visas for Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania and a few minor things, so pretty much set ! Almost there, can’t wait. It is in a way bitter-sweet, the sooner it happens, the sooner it will be finished … and then what,  back at work 😦


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