… more F800GS problems, a bit concerned !

Posted: July 11, 2010 in General

Well apart from the noisy top end, which BMW Battersea told me again the dreaded line “They all sound like that” … on Friday night while riding home, I entered quite a busy roundabout just to discover I have no more power. I have had a few stalling issues before, but it always restarted, not this time though, completely dead !

I had a engine rebuilt at around 14500 miles, new pistons, conrod, etc … recently developed a “diesel tractor” like sound when the engine is hot from the top end, sounds like noisy tappets, valves or something, maybe even the camchain. The funny thing was, when I took it into BMW Battersea, the person on the front desk, said he just walked a bike from the washing area and also sounded like that. No way man, not sure on what planet you live on? Is he even a technician ?

Anyway, so stranded next to a busy A road on the east side of London, I got recovered and they took me home. Took my bike to BMW Battersea again yesterday morning and checked it in with security. Hopefully they will fix the damn thing now once and for all ! Really loosing confidence in this bike, does not really enjoy riding it any more, always worried about what will break next !

If it didn’t even last 5000 miles from the engine rebuilt till now, how will it do 15000-20000 miles down to Cape Town …. not entirely convinced …. follow me on twitter to get the latest and if it makes Cape Town at all !

  1. Jonathan says:

    I’m glad I gave mine back at 40,000. It was beginning to exhibit stalling problems and other electrical niggles. My steeds of choice from now on are my CB500 for whizzing about town (it also did brilliantly riding from Manchester to Linz even if it was a little uncomfortable). next up for touring with my good lady will be a Honda Varadero 1000. Often slated as being boring but as a tourer for two up it will do just fine. Then finally for the adventures I’m seriously considering a DRZ450E. The choice of Dave Lomax on Salt & Gold as well as many other adventurers. Perfect from stock, easy to obtain cheap spare parts everywhere and easy to maintain. I just don’t have trust in the 800 anymore.

  2. Wraith says:

    Get a Suzuki Vstrom 650. Reliable like an anvil.

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