Google results : London to Cape Town Motorcycle !

Posted: May 5, 2010 in General

I see if you type in : London to Cape Town Motorcycle , into Google, this site is second in the rankings, so I thought I better update it again at some point 🙂

Everything so far is still on track, we only have around 4 months left and time flies … all visas still need to be applied for, all travel jabs needs getting .. pretty much everything still needs organizing, so much to do and not a lot of time. I have to admit, it does feel like we are not doing much and I think we better get things moving. There is one thing on my side that is working well and that is my savings. I have saved £3000 so far and with 4 months left, it will nicely take me up to my target of £7000.

I reckon I pretty much bought everything needed on the bike itself, maybe a few little things here and there, but pretty much ready. Things that we do need to pay out of this is:

  • Visas
  • Carnet for the motorcycles
  • Travel money
  • Shipment of the motorcycles back to the UK
  • Shipment of myself back to the UK 🙂

I have also re-sprayed my bike … it is now White and no longer Sunset Yellow. At first I didn’t like it too much, but its growing on me and it’s something different. There are some people who doesn’t like it, especially over in the forums, mainly because I have stickers on the bike from the equipment I use,  but I am not worried, Who cares what they think anyway!

Also .. I have bought a new helmet cam .. a GoPro HD, good quality, very happy with it .. below is a sample of the quality taken on my commute into work only yesterday morning:

Another thing to note, my plans have slightly changed … since I only got 2 months off work, I am skipping the whole Europe side of the trip as I can always do that again and have done Europe before, so I am heading straight down to Italy/Sicily 3 days before the other guys get there, saving me about 3 weeks, I just hope I can make Cape Town in the 2 months .. might be a big push !

That’s it for now …

  1. Tom says:

    … and the 800 looks good in white 😉

    Hi there! I have seen something of your coming trip already, via facebook and my contact Jonathan Fox. Wish you good luck for this trip, enjoy!

    Kind regards from Austria

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