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Well, this past weekend we spent in South Wales at the BMW Off Road Skills Enduro Park. Was so much fun and the guys there taught us excellent basic skills for off road riding. The first day was nice and sunny and I was on a F650GS (Twin).

The second day was muddy and wet … swapped my F650 for a 800GS and soon got back into it and loved it .. especially all the water. I have to say, I do not like bud on a straight line at speed, but give me small technical trails any day, I love them. Below is part one of the videos I took with my GoPro HD camera mounted on the helmet peak:

Part 2 will follow soon … subscribe to my twitter, our facebook group or my youtube channel for updates on our trip.

I see if you type in : London to Cape Town Motorcycle , into Google, this site is second in the rankings, so I thought I better update it again at some point 🙂

Everything so far is still on track, we only have around 4 months left and time flies … all visas still need to be applied for, all travel jabs needs getting .. pretty much everything still needs organizing, so much to do and not a lot of time. I have to admit, it does feel like we are not doing much and I think we better get things moving. There is one thing on my side that is working well and that is my savings. I have saved £3000 so far and with 4 months left, it will nicely take me up to my target of £7000.

I reckon I pretty much bought everything needed on the bike itself, maybe a few little things here and there, but pretty much ready. Things that we do need to pay out of this is:

  • Visas
  • Carnet for the motorcycles
  • Travel money
  • Shipment of the motorcycles back to the UK
  • Shipment of myself back to the UK 🙂

I have also re-sprayed my bike … it is now White and no longer Sunset Yellow. At first I didn’t like it too much, but its growing on me and it’s something different. There are some people who doesn’t like it, especially over in the forums, mainly because I have stickers on the bike from the equipment I use,  but I am not worried, Who cares what they think anyway!

Also .. I have bought a new helmet cam .. a GoPro HD, good quality, very happy with it .. below is a sample of the quality taken on my commute into work only yesterday morning:

Another thing to note, my plans have slightly changed … since I only got 2 months off work, I am skipping the whole Europe side of the trip as I can always do that again and have done Europe before, so I am heading straight down to Italy/Sicily 3 days before the other guys get there, saving me about 3 weeks, I just hope I can make Cape Town in the 2 months .. might be a big push !

That’s it for now …