South African Holiday..

Posted: February 25, 2010 in General, Travels
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I recently went to South Africa for a holiday (photos here) where I rented a R1200GS for 2 weeks to travel around with. I have to say, the bike was very disappointing (for me at least).

It felt heavy, lazy and full of rattles and shakes. The most annoying thing was the centre console bouncing all over the place. At some stage my dad was driving in front of me in a car and he told me all he saw was a bouncing light. I then discovered this annoying centre console is attached to the headlight unit. I can’t believe people moan about the little “wobble” you get on the F800GS brake fluid reservoir compared to this R1200GS.

I did eventually drop the bike, came down quite hard over to the left and had to pay the rental company around R13000 (+/- £1000) in damages.

So, for me at least, the 1200GS is not the bike for me and probably never will be. The 800GS is so much better for me and much more fun !

Picking up the bike on arrival in South Africa:

Setting off from my brothers house on my 2 week holiday:

Riding down to the lake on my Uncles farm:


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