long time no update …

Posted: July 31, 2009 in General

Well, I know it has been some time since I have posted an update.

I have received and fitted all of the bits I ordered. The panniers, headlight guard, centre stand, brake reservoir protectors, winglets … all fitted. The bike is starting to look good, a bit more of an off-road look. I still need to get a engine bashplate, but I am not sure which one, Touratech, BMW, G-iT (Adventure Spec) ??

In September I am going on a small trip to Copenhagen in Denmark, so that will give me the chance to test the panniers and all the kit. I am going to catch a ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland, then via Holland, Germany to Denmark. Photos will follow…

I have also changed the seat on the bike to make it a little softer. I took it to Viking Vinyl in Kent and put some memory foam in, needed some getting used to, but much better now !

I will post some photos of the bike with all the kit fitted soon … so check back !

Laters ..


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