Ordered my BMW panniers ..

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Bike Prep
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BMW PanniersSo I took the plunge and ordered the BMW panniers. I have ordered them from SBW Motorrad based in Hertford, UK. Unfortuntely they were full on Saturday, so couldn’t fit it for me, but Richard at SBW said I can use their yard and tools to fit it myself, thus saving me the fitting costs. Very kind of him, I think !

My experience with the other BMW Dealerships seems like they don’ t really care if they have your business or not, which is a shame and I will probably not go back to them again.  I also had my bike serviced by SBW last Saturday and they gave me a R1200GS for the day, friendly and helpful, bit of a ride out for me every time, but SBW it is for me then.

I am also re-doing my seat this Saturday morning, going to VikingVinyl in Kent, hoping it will be much more comfortable afterwards.

Other things I need to get now, is the centre stand and bash plate, but I can get that with next months pay cheque 🙂

Keep you posted on the panniers and what I think of them …

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