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Posted: July 8, 2009 in Bike Prep
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Looks like I’m on a roll today … what the hell, decided to order some more stuff for the bike while I am in such a spending mood, ordered the following stuff, all from NippyNormans :

SW Motech Centre Stand for F800GS SW Motech Centre Stand for the F800GS. Apparently it’s a better design than the BMW centre stand, well, I hope so.

Touratech Mesh Headlight guard for F800GS The Touratech Mesh Headlight guard designed for Off-Road use. I guess I don’t need it now, but will definitely need it for our trip to Cape Town, so might as well get it now.

Winglets for the F800GS

The Winglets for the F800GS. Stops some of the wind coming through and hitting you on the chest. I hope this works as I do not like the wind buffeting while riding …

Front Brake fluid reservoir protector The Front Brake Fluid Reservoir protector. I have dropped my bike a few times already and with this, I know at least I have some protection around my reservoir when dropping it again.

Rear Brake Fluid reservoir protector And the same for the Rear Brake Fluid reservoir …

Things I need now still includes that bash plate and I think I will go for the BMW one, some fork seals from Adeventure Spec and stuff …

Be sure to check it out, this list will grow 🙂

  1. Robert says:

    do the winglets help?

    • m0ng00se says:

      Hi Robert … nope, not for me. I know my mate also took them off, and they look kinda silly as well 🙂 With the “adventure” screen, I get enough wind protection.

      • Robert says:

        Which adv screen did you buy, I owned a 1200gs with a givi airflow and winglets, it was perfect, on the f800gs the wind drives me nuts.

  2. m0ng00se says:

    The standard BMW adventure/touring screen (not the short stock screen). I had Puig, Metal Mule and a few others, but the BMW one still the same. You can see it here: https://uk2za.wordpress.com/2010/11/20/f800gs-problems/

    • Robert says:

      Ahhh the touring screen, I have it to, soon my laminar lip will arive maybe it will help, thanks for the fast respons, greetings from Amsterdam


  3. m0ng00se says:

    No problem, if you come from a 1200GS the wind might bother you, but I have nothing better to compare with. I know the 1200GSA is like the mothership with barely any wind 🙂 I am 179cm tall and I have found the touring screen works the best for me out of all the screens I have tried.

    All the best !!

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