Leaving date … August 2010

Posted: July 2, 2009 in General

I think I have decided on a leaving date. It just makes things easier to organize and arrange a few things. Things like visas are so difficult to organize without a definite date of travel. I think a good time to leave is around August, so it will be August 2010.

This will give us just more than a year to plan, save money and organize everything we need to do for our trip. Leaving August and working on the assumption that it will take us around 4 months, means we will arrive in Cape Town before Christmas which will be an added bonus. Not only will the weather be lovely in South Africa that time of the year, but we get to see our families for Christmas.

Yeah, I think that is the plan, leaving August 2010 to arrive in time for Christmas …. c’mon we can do this !!

Keep checking for updates … laters !

  1. Ronel van Zyl says:

    Wow amazing that you have set the date! Enjoy all the planning.

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