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old video ..

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

This video was taken on the day I bought the 800GS earlier this year. You can see my very first bike, a Yamaha 125cc in the background 🙂

8000miles later on the GS, and still loving it !!


long time no update …

Posted: July 31, 2009 in General

Well, I know it has been some time since I have posted an update.

I have received and fitted all of the bits I ordered. The panniers, headlight guard, centre stand, brake reservoir protectors, winglets … all fitted. The bike is starting to look good, a bit more of an off-road look. I still need to get a engine bashplate, but I am not sure which one, Touratech, BMW, G-iT (Adventure Spec) ??

In September I am going on a small trip to Copenhagen in Denmark, so that will give me the chance to test the panniers and all the kit. I am going to catch a ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland, then via Holland, Germany to Denmark. Photos will follow…

I have also changed the seat on the bike to make it a little softer. I took it to Viking Vinyl in Kent and put some memory foam in, needed some getting used to, but much better now !

I will post some photos of the bike with all the kit fitted soon … so check back !

Laters ..

.. got the DVD

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Bike Prep
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I received the GlobeRiders F800GS Intructional DVD and it definitely looks interesting with some good tips on doing all the “roadside” repairs which I am sure we will have to do on our African Expedetion.

I have not watched all of it yet, only bits and pieces here and there. I ordered this from Sierra BMW in the States at around $65 (including shipping), but I think it is worth the money for any Adventure F800GS motorcyclist.

Looks like I’m on a roll today … what the hell, decided to order some more stuff for the bike while I am in such a spending mood, ordered the following stuff, all from NippyNormans :

SW Motech Centre Stand for F800GS SW Motech Centre Stand for the F800GS. Apparently it’s a better design than the BMW centre stand, well, I hope so.

Touratech Mesh Headlight guard for F800GS The Touratech Mesh Headlight guard designed for Off-Road use. I guess I don’t need it now, but will definitely need it for our trip to Cape Town, so might as well get it now.

Winglets for the F800GS

The Winglets for the F800GS. Stops some of the wind coming through and hitting you on the chest. I hope this works as I do not like the wind buffeting while riding …

Front Brake fluid reservoir protector The Front Brake Fluid Reservoir protector. I have dropped my bike a few times already and with this, I know at least I have some protection around my reservoir when dropping it again.

Rear Brake Fluid reservoir protector And the same for the Rear Brake Fluid reservoir …

Things I need now still includes that bash plate and I think I will go for the BMW one, some fork seals from Adeventure Spec and stuff …

Be sure to check it out, this list will grow 🙂

BMW PanniersSo I took the plunge and ordered the BMW panniers. I have ordered them from SBW Motorrad based in Hertford, UK. Unfortuntely they were full on Saturday, so couldn’t fit it for me, but Richard at SBW said I can use their yard and tools to fit it myself, thus saving me the fitting costs. Very kind of him, I think !

My experience with the other BMW Dealerships seems like they don’ t really care if they have your business or not, which is a shame and I will probably not go back to them again.  I also had my bike serviced by SBW last Saturday and they gave me a R1200GS for the day, friendly and helpful, bit of a ride out for me every time, but SBW it is for me then.

I am also re-doing my seat this Saturday morning, going to VikingVinyl in Kent, hoping it will be much more comfortable afterwards.

Other things I need to get now, is the centre stand and bash plate, but I can get that with next months pay cheque 🙂

Keep you posted on the panniers and what I think of them …

Leaving date … August 2010

Posted: July 2, 2009 in General

I think I have decided on a leaving date. It just makes things easier to organize and arrange a few things. Things like visas are so difficult to organize without a definite date of travel. I think a good time to leave is around August, so it will be August 2010.

This will give us just more than a year to plan, save money and organize everything we need to do for our trip. Leaving August and working on the assumption that it will take us around 4 months, means we will arrive in Cape Town before Christmas which will be an added bonus. Not only will the weather be lovely in South Africa that time of the year, but we get to see our families for Christmas.

Yeah, I think that is the plan, leaving August 2010 to arrive in time for Christmas …. c’mon we can do this !!

Keep checking for updates … laters !