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BMW PanniersWell, I was gonna go for the Stahlkoffer panniers for the F800GS which comes in at £399+vat which is a very good price, but I am now reconsidering and maybe I should go for the BMW aluminium panniers instead. I am not sure how much more they will be, but I think it might be worth it.

I have emailed the dealership to get some pricing as it might be the deciding factor.

Thus far, I have been traveling without any panniers, just 2 waterproof rollbags/duffelbags on the back, but I think for any serious long distance trip, the panniers are essential. You can pretty much pack everything in there, strap stuff to the back (i.e. petrol containers) and on top (tents, etc..) and your done ! I think they are also a little bit more secure than soft luggage, you can use it as a chair at the campsite or even a little table … definitely something I need !

I will report back on the price and my decision regarding the panniers …

Europe tripI have added a link to some photos of our Europe motorcycle trip in June this year. We left the UK on the 11th of June 2009, down to Folkstone and onto the Channel Tunnel to Calais.

The idea was to meet up with friends in Nice, France, but we ended up only staying for one night. The French motorway riding was not so much fun and very expensive, but we had to make up the miles.

We ended up in Nice 3 days later, the 14th of June and from there we returned via Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and back at home on the 18th of June.

It consisted mainly of camping, one night in a hotel in Calais, one night in Formula 1 hotel in Marseilles. We also camped at a petrol station somewhere in France for one night which was fun ..

It was my very first long distance motorcycle trip and it was awesome, hence the new found love for our ultimate, UK to Cape Town.

Here is the link to the photos ..

Charities ..

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I have added some information about the charities I plan to raise funds for before, during and after our trip ..

More info on the Charities page ..

Garmin zumo 660

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garmin660I really like the new Garmin zumo 660 SatNav. I currently have a TomTom Rider and although it’s good, I am not overly impressed by the accuracy and/or maps on the TomTom. I used to have a Garmin Car satnav before and never had a problem with my Garmin. I think I will take the plunge and buy this one although I am sure this is not going to be of much help through Africa …

At least it can play all my music and might be easier than the iPod to use on the road ..

In preperation to prepare for the trip  … 🙂

I have ordered the “BMW F800GS Instructional DVD” from GlobeRiders …

I hope this will give some great tips on how to prepare and fix the bike througout our adventure. I am expecting to receive the DVD this week … will get some pizza for a great night in !

bike prep started …

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I have added some stuff to the Bike Preperation section. Still loads need to be done, so much stuff, so much money. I will keep that page updated with how things are going …

More info over at the Bike Prep section ..

route has been changed ..

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Picture 3I have just updated the proposed route to include Uganda and Rwanda. I am not sure about Mozambique, but we will discuss whether to include that in our trip as well. Visas seems quite straight forward and I think that might be the least of our worries, we (as South Africans) only need visas for 4 of the African countries proir to arrival.

More info about the route in the Route section ..

More info about the visas in the Visa section ..

Proposed route has been added

Posted: June 28, 2009 in Route

Picture 2I have added the proposed route page, any comments, tips, hints or suggestions will be great.

… this just has to be done !

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Welcome to my blog dedicated to our trip from London to South Africa and we are planning on doing the trip on our motorcycles. We are riding BMW F800GS motorcycles and one F650GS. We have already done a little touring around Europe of which the longest was around 2300 miles in a week through France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and back to the UK.

I think it has been a passion for all of us to ride our motorcycles from our current home (London) to our motherland South Africa.

No dates have been set yet …

This blog will be dedicated to my preparation for the trip. Please use the links above for more information about us the trip, route and preparations.

Thanks for visiting !!